Thursday, March 18, 2010

THE BATHERS paintings by Marjorie Price

Kline Gallery 
April 3 - 25 
“I grew up in Evanston, Illinois, one of the suburbs of Chicago along the shores of Lake Michigan. I'm told that I learned to swim as a tot —  and my passion for the water and swimming has lasted all my life”
A artist all her life, her paintings have moved through a variety of styles: landscape, seascape and abstract. The “Bathers” paintings are among the most personal. Price explains: “they express how a body feels and moves in another element, that sense of freedom and abandon one feels when released from the pull of gravity.”
The Bathers Series began in the 1980's while competing in a synchronized swim meet. She began sketching the swimmers as they practiced their routines and was carried away with the visual beauty of the spectacle, inspired by the constantly shifting colors and patterns the figures formed in the water. From those sketches emerged the Bathers Series. 

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