Saturday, October 31, 2009

Instructor Spotlight: Mark Brockman

If I were to write an adage on ‘how to go far as an artist’ based on Mark R. Brockman’s style it would be: walk softly and carry a big hat. For the past 12 years, students at the Delaplaine have enjoyed Mark’s gentle encouragement and easy-going style ~ and exquisite taste in headgear.
Teaching mostly oil painting in an open studio format, Mark Brockman guides students through composition and the use of color in classes that enjoy a loyal and dedicated following. “The Delaplaine is a great place, they give me a lot of freedom in how I teach. The building itself is great. It is a great place to see artwork, to learn how to create regardless of what medium you choose to work in.”
Working mostly in the mediums of oil and pastel, Brockman’s paintings, though representational, are expressionistic in nature with great concern for color and the physical texture of the paint. “The paint texture is as important to me as the colors and subject.”
Brockman finds inspiration in the woods, farms, and orchards that are within walking distance of his studio in Pennsylvania. “I am drawn as much to the abstract quality of what I see as I am to what the subject may be,” Brockman explains. “A stream or fallen logs are more then just that but, in themselves, are often an abstract painting.” Brockman’s hope is that in painting more common subject matter he can draw attention to such commonplace things, “and show the importance of them and that beauty can be in most any kind of subject.” Regarding his style Brockman explains, “it evolves slowly, never stops changing and I hope it never does.”

As to his hats, Brockman explains, “I like hats. My summer hat is a canvas hat made by a woman in California. It is made to be used on sailboats, it is light can get wet and I can fold it then when ready to wear it opens up as if it were never crushed. My winter hat is a replica of a hat worn in the 1860's that I bought in Gettysburg, the hatband is a Native American beaded band made, I was told, by an Indian woman in the southwest. The band is typical of the work done in the 1800's as well. My wife gave me the hatband, she is a descendant from one the tribes of the Iroquois nation, though the bloodline is quite thin now. As you can see I like my hats. Everyone should wear a hat.”
And everyone should also take a class with Mark Brockman.
Oil Painting Studio runs six Tuesdays from 1—3:30pm beginning November 3 and six Wednesdays from 6:30—9pm beginning November 4. Register online HERE

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