Monday, August 17, 2009

Sacred Ground encaustic paintings by Marilyn Banner opens

Marilyn Banner's exhibit Sacred Ground is now in the New Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Center. Marilyn sent this post from her blog about the show. The Ceres Gallery is in New York.

"My 2009 CERES show is now at The Delaplaine in Frederick Maryland is up beginning August 15 and running through September 27. If you haven't seen this work in New York, please consider traveling to Frederick. Nine of these paintings have never before been seen outside of NY. Come for the reception or at any time during the rest of August and September. In addition to seeing my new encaustic paintings and the other shows at the Delaplaine, check out the town! We have eaten at two fantastic restaurants, Brewer's Alley and Acacia, both on Market Street, a couple of blocks from the Delaplaine. There are also lots of antique stores, and a generally upbeat charming atmosphere which is totally unlike the DC area or New York City. I love having my work up there!"

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