Monday, July 13, 2009

Drive-by Shootings and Other Related Events--It opened last Saturday and it was a big hit, lots of photographers and friends of photographers attended the reception on the second floor. Although the exhibit speaks for itself, FAPR member Richard Schlecht added some of his thoughts about the process and the outcome.

"This show--or the idea for it--was born at a monthly luncheon attended by various members of the quasi-organization Frederick Area Photographers Roundtable, a group of professional photographers from in and around Frederick.

The subject of cell phone cameras came up and someone observed that they had never seen an organized group of photos taken with cell phone cameras. Later the idea morphed into pictures, not necessarily cell phone ones, taken in circumstances that would be ripe for whipping out a cell phone and "grabbing" a shot. Unplanned, dependent entirely on the circumstances of the moment--Targets of opportunity. "Drive-by shooting", so to speak.

Not all of the pictures you see here were cell phone camera pictures, but they all do fall into the realm of "grab shots" made on the spur of the moment, with little or no pre-planning or setup.
Many of us these days are packing cell phone cameras, and those of you who feel like it are free to participate by informally "posting" your pictures on the refrigerator door. (Do not try to open that door; there is no refrigerator behind it!)" RS

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